The Untitled Light has been designed to feel familiar and timeless yet remains contemporary through its colour palette and finish.

Each part of the lamp uses elements of pure geometry: a square for the base, a cylinder for the lamp holder and a sphere for the bulb. These shapes are assembled akin to a construction game with the resulting design feeling both humble and natural. The light is made from sturdy steel, making the object weighty and durable, such use of material enhances the objects visual and tactile aspects.

Marc Schulthess explains: “Often you see an object that seems at first interesting, you are drawn to it and want to hold it. You then realise that it is not made of a material that connects with the idea of the object you had in your head, for example a low grade material is often masked by a certain finish.  With Untitled Light I wanted an object that not only looks right but feels right too”

The Untitled Light can be wall-mounted or used as a table lamp, making it a versatile lighting solution that will evolve with your needs over time and can work equally well on its own or as part of a wall light installation thanks to its accessible visual language and 4 colours options.